We are Shared Mobility, Toyota Financial Services partner and we are developing in-house projects for car sharing. We have the ambition to become Toyota regional center in the next couple of years and we need reinforcement from the new iOS developer.

Our team needs your help to maintain and further develop projects we are working on.

We are always trying to find the best possible solutions, so we expect our team members to be proactive, flexible, and open-minded. We are always trying to extend our knowledge and apply the best principles, and we are open to improvements and changes in processes and code. When something is wrong raising your hand, it is in Toyota’s Way of Work.

Sounds interesting so far?

Here Is What We Expect From You

  • Be part of the decision-making process by analyzing design provided by our designers and estimate how much work it would be needed to implement it on iOS
  • Translate from agreed high fidelity design to high-quality code at an agreed time. You will participate in time estimation.
  • Write iOS code according to Swift standards
  • Review others code and don’t get personal when someone request changes in your code
  • Know basics of working in an Agile environment

What Qualifications Do We Expect From You

  • Some degree in Computer Science is preferable, but most of us started to work before graduation so it is not eliminating
  • 4+ years working in iOS is mandatory. We are working mostly with Swift and UIKit Auto Layout but there is always some part of Objective-C code so it is good to know.
  • Communication with servers is done through REST API and JSON
  • GIT is our source control choice, and we work in a Trunk Based Development way
  • New code is written in VIPER architecture and we are actively transitioning to it. But some MVC parts could jump out of the dark of old dusty code parts. We clean dust from them regularly so they are not always scary.
  • You understand everything so far? Good, but you will also communicate daily in English with team members outside of Serbia, but in our team we will communicate in Serbian

It Would Be A Plus If You

  • Have experience writing Unit tests and do it in Test Driven Development way
  • Implemented Bluetooth connection to other iOS/Android devices
  • Know how to write CocoaPods custom library and you have done it before
  • Interested in the whole iOS app lifecycle and follow iOS UX trends so you can actively contribute to design discussion.

Think you’re the perfect candidate? Send your CV to jobs@sharedmobility.rs and we’ll be in touch!