Our story

At Shared Mobility, we believe that there is a better way for people to commute. With a strong passion for technology and the environment, we focus on crafting journey sharing solutions that make sustainable travel simple. 

We focus on providing businesses with a platform that will allow them to reach their sustainability goals by enabling them to reward employees who choose to travel sustainably.

We believe that sustainable travel is the future and are doing our part to make it a reality today.

Our founding

Shared Mobility doo was incorporated in 2020, as the technology partner of Toyota Financial Services UK (TFS). We believe that our combined knowledge and passion can make sustainable commuting a reality.

Under TFS leadership, we have come under the umbrella of the KINTO brand for smart and simple mobility solutions. Our team is dedicated to crafting the KINTO Join application, a corporate journey-sharing solution that transforms people’s commute.

With an office in the centre of Niš, Serbia’s technology hub, we are looking to transform the way employees commute. Our dedicated team is focused on crafting a platform that both employees and companies love.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionise the way a company’s employees travel to work.

We are achieving this by developing a unique platform that provides verifiable ridesharing services and enables the incentivisation of people engaging in sustainable travel. 

We believe that, when given the option, employees will choose more sustainable means of travel. This is why we are dedicated to providing a variety of employee commuting solutions that will aid companies in developing stronger teams, reaching sustainability targets and increasing employee retention.

Our team

A global solution requires a global team – this is why we hire talents from around the world, who are as passionate about creating technology that makes a difference, as we are.

With an office in the heart of Niš, our team comes from a highly-experienced background in technology and software development, making for a fun mix of individuals whose voices can always be heard.

We believe in creativity and freedom in the workplace, as well as letting everyone find their own flow and place in the company.

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